The Fortnite Underground Cybercrime Economy

An Investigation Into An Underground Cybercrime Market of Hacked Accounts

This report provides an inside look at the entire underground supply chain where cybercriminals are hearing upwards of 1 million dollars by hacking and reselling gaming accounts.


The Dark Overlord Investigation Report

An Investigation Into A Cyber Terrorist Organization

This report uncovers the identities behind The Dark Overlord cyber hacking organization, and provides evidence linking the group’s members to other notorious hacking groups including Gnostic Players and Shiny Hunters. Together, the group members are responsible for over 40% of all data breaches from 2017-2020.


Hunting Cyber Criminals

A Hacker's Guide to Online Intelligence Gathering Tools and Techniques

Hunting Cyber Criminals is a modern digital investigation guidebook, providing a mix of technical guide on using modern research tools tools, as well the investigative techniques and thought process used to uncover a modern criminal organizations known as The Dark Overlord.


COMING SOON: The Dark Overlord - Cyber Investigation Report

Uncovering the true identities of one of the most iconic cyber terrorist organizations of our time.

A complete cyber investigation report on the history and true identities of The Dark Overlord hacking group. Coming soon.


Dissertation: Cybersecurity Framework

The Cybersecurity Framework as an Effective Information Security Baseline: A Qualitative Exploration

The purpose of this exploratory qualitative research study was to understand the extent to which information security leaders in the U.S. believe the Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), an information security risk management (ISRM) framework, can help organizations defend against cyber-related threats.


White Paper: Cyber Liability Due Care

Prepare Your Organization to Address Cyber Liability Due Care Requirements

Due Care is a legal term used in Cyber Risk, defined as the expected standard of performance that prevents a foreseeable malicious event from occurring. Learn how to ensure your organization is covered by these standards, and how you can ensure your organization is ready using the Cyber Security Framework.

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